• 1.Material Sieving, Conveying system
  • 1.1 Air stream conveying system
  • 1.2 Conveying system
  • 2.Crystallization and Drying System
  • 2.1 PET chips crystallization and drying system
  • 2.2 PA6/PA66 drying system
  • 2.3 R-PET flakes crystallization and drying system
  • 2.4Crystallization and drying system for PBT, PTT, PLA, PPS and other macromolecular materials
  • 3.Solid-State Polycondensation System (SSP) for Industrial Yarn and Bottle Grade Chips
  • 3.1 Batch type SSP equipment
  • 3.2 Continuous SSP equipment for PET chips
  • 3.3 Continuous SSP equipment for PA6/PA66
  • 4.Master batch dryer and dosing equipments
  • 4.1 Volumetric dosing equipment
  • 4.2 Weight-loss dosing equipment
  • 5. On-line Deduster
  • 6. Non-vowen Equipment


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Established in 1988, affiliated to Zhongyuan Enterprise Group,we are one of the largest one in China as the research and manufacture companies for chip drying unit in China’s chemical  fibre field. Our technology for crystallization of non–crystallized polyester chips and drying is consistently keeping pace with the world most advanced technology. We can provide the turn-key engineering of design, manufacture and commissioning for PET, PA6, PA66 conveying, drying, SSP and spandex engineering for customers both home and abroad. We have technical exchange and cooperation with partners in USA, Germany, Italy and Japan.

    Our new type of drying and crystallization machine with leading technology as well as automatic control, is widely used in the production of film, chemical fibre, non-woven, industrial yarn, bottle grade chips, tableware, etc. We are the only one approved special manufacturer in this field. We have already sold more than 2000 sets of equipments in China and abroad, occupied 80% China market and exported 300 sets of equipments to Australia, Russia, Thailand, Italy, Brazil, Morocco, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Syria, Pakistan, Korea, Taiwan. We have played an important role in the enterprise’s manufacture of high-class product and enjoy high praise from our customers both home and abroad.