• 1.Material Sieving, Conveying system
  • 1.1 Air stream conveying system
  • 1.2 Conveying system
  • 2.Crystallization and Drying System
  • 2.1 PET chips crystallization and drying system
  • 2.2 PA6/PA66 drying system
  • 2.3 R-PET flakes crystallization and drying system
  • 2.4Crystallization and drying system for PBT, PTT, PLA, PPS and other macromolecular materials
  • 3.Solid-State Polycondensation System (SSP) for Industrial Yarn and Bottle Grade Chips
  • 3.1 Batch type SSP equipment
  • 3.2 Continuous SSP equipment for PET chips
  • 3.3 Continuous SSP equipment for PA6/PA66
  • 4.Master batch dryer and dosing equipments
  • 4.1 Volumetric dosing equipment
  • 4.2 Weight-loss dosing equipment
  • 5. On-line Deduster
  • 6. Non-vowen Equipment


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Company affairs


  Developed the first one PET Drying System in Chinain 1990  

   DevelopedPA,PA&PET Drying System in 1993                  

   Started up the first Drying System for BOPET in 1994

   Developed Drying System for COPET in 1999

   Developed continuousSSP Systemfor bottle grade chipsin 2001

   Developed batch SSP System in 2003

   Developed SSP Systemfor industrial yarnin 2004

   Developed normal pressure air (nitrogen) energy-saving dehumidifying system in 2004

   Big capacity and close-loop conveying system was started-up successfully in 2005

   DevelopedPA66Drying and SSPsystemin 2006

   DevelopedPLADryingsystemin 2006

   DevelopedR-PET flakesdryingsystemin 2007

   Developedcontinuous SSP system for car-used safety air-bag yarn in 2008

   Developed120tpd SSP system for industrial yarn in 2009

   DevelopedPPS drying system in 2010

   Developedcontinuous SSP system for BOPET in 2012